Overhaul of website from concept to completion for a multi-faceted non-profit. Process methods: analysis, sitemap, digital mock-ups, functionality and accessibility assessment

Approach to Goals:

Organize and structure a holistic website that explained the mission and purpose of various entities, while keeping enterprise businesses, donations and community outreach in the forefront.

Previous website

  • Outdated content and components
  • Too much text and no visual impact
  • Overwhelming navigation
  • Lack of information hierarchy


  • Performed an analysis of needs and required functionality
  • Solidified objectives and target audience
  • Chose a linear sitemap so that it was easy for non-technical decision makers to follow

Concept Mockups

  • Provided digital mockups to present to staff and developer
  • Used high-fidelity design to appeal to those wanting to understand a look and feel of site


Creative PowerPoint presentations were used to communicate the process, workflow, end project expectations