About the Designer

Graphic Designer. . . Designer Turned Crafter. . . or Crafty Designer?

I’m Aneva, graphic designer and founder of Aneva Designs, LLC based in the beautiful sunshine of South Florida. Since childhood, creativity has flowed through my fingertips even when it started in the form of crayons, a Magna Doodle, magic slate or Etch A Sketch. Art class was always one of my favorite school courses which later influenced me to obtain a B.S. in Studio Art: Graphic Design from Florida State University. I continued to study and expanded my knowledge by earning a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication.

From my very first job as an advertising pre-press intern designer at a newspaper company, in 2003, to owning my own business as a freelance graphic artist; design has still remained a major part of my life. I have worked in tech, in-house design teams, non-profit organizations, marketing departments and agencies. When I am not buried in my Mac, sketchbook, paper samples, or at the cutting table, I enjoy discovering new music, watching sports or shoe shopping (my guilty pleasure).

I create pretty things on a screen

Digital Media
Digital design executes the creation of various communication and branding needs for an online presence through websites and social media.  It is an essential tool in this design studio to achieve a beautiful blend of imagery and typography to speak up and stand out.

User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX)
As a creative problem solver, the goal is to enhance user experiences through thoughtful web user interface designs. There are principles that can drastically improve website function and allow users to have a pleasant journey to complete desired tasks. Concepts are presented through mock-ups, wireframes, and prototypes using tools like Sketch, InVision, Adobe XD or Figma.

I create pretty things that bring ideas to print

Graphic Design
Common needs in print media include designs for logos, brochures, ad layouts, booklets, business cards and stationery.  Frequent design tools used include Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

I create pretty things you can touch

Personalize with Customized Handcrafting – When pre-made designs just won’t do!
Custom services now includes hand crafted wedding and party stationery, invitations and card making.  Specialty paper, embellishments and texture add a whole new dimension.  Each piece is carefully made with attention to detail.  Let your personality shine.  Get more of you and less of the boring basics.

Event Planners Welcomed
Are you an event planner looking to match a unique theme with customized designs?  You have come to the right place.  This is where you can bring your ideas to print!